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Professionals guarantee on-site sanitary and hygiene control in a way that ensures safety and reliability and elevates corporate value. We are making daily efforts to help our clients maintain and improve their corporate value by reducing infection-related risk and materializing a clean environment through advanced sanitary and hygiene control proposals.
We place importance on the provision of a consulting-based sales and marketing system that gives comprehensive support to our clients and partners, ranging from the detection to the solution of issues in addition to the provision of high-performance products and high-quality services based on the Kao Group’s research and development expertise. 
We believe that this approach will lead to real professional services.
 In addition, we aspire to contribute to society by offering our knowledge and experience to solve environmental and other social issues, such as the use of plastics, the advanced aging society, and labor shortages.
We will continuously make concerted efforts to be a company supported and trusted by consumers.

January 2020
President Kao Professional Services Company, Ltd.
Masaaki Ozawa

Kao Professional Services Company, Limited

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