Kao Professional Services

Our business areas

Our business areas are all work sites outside the home

With our unique technologies developed by Kao’s research and development capabilities,
we provide the safe, reliable, and highly effective products that contribute to the professional field.

Food services

We aim for food safety and reliability and a comfortable environment
with comprehensive sanitary control by optimizing the products 
based on Kao’s washing and bacterial control technologies.


Food processing factories

Kitchen of supermarkets

School meal/catering

Medical and healthcare services

Medical facilities

We aim for a sanitary environment with our original sanitary products for hands, fingers, and the environment.

Care facilities

We aim for a better nursing care environment with adult diapers and skincare products, and proposals based on deodorant technology.  

Recreation services

Hotel and leisure facilities

We propose total solutions for hospitality that pursues cleanliness, comfort, and healing.

Laundry services

We propose optimal washing methods which are from washing conditions to drainage treatment in laundry services.

Kao Professional Services Company, Limited

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